Wednesday, October 28, 2009

thoughts on fall, bunnies, and football

I love the fall.

It means some of my favorite things are in the air.

Crunchy leaves.
BYU football.
hoodies and scarves.
General Conference.
Crisp Mornings and luke warm days.
the smell (you know the one I am talking about)
pumpkin carving.

and wearing beanies...look at this cut little beanie.
i thought of having her be a bunny for Halloween, but I have already created her little costume (it's a surprise)

so...once a year my Dad, all the brothers, and three oldest nephews go to a BYU football game. (We Females enjoy ourselves some girls time as well, this year some of us went down to Saint George to Tuacahn Ampitheatre and saw AIDA the musical. Most Excellent.)AAAnyhoo, this last weekend was the boys game and so my mom came up and brought Justins girls and Deidre stopped by for some haircuts and so here sre some cut pics.
Grayson John is such a crack-up! He was posing for the picture and I think he thought I was taking too long so he struck this pose! Like father, like son:)
Left to right; Alli, Layla, Sydney, Tess, Gracie. Such cuties! I love our nieces and nephews! After this we went to Gardner Village to meet up with Amanda and kids, and deidre and her crew. Baked potatoes with soup at Amandas and the night was complete.

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Irka and Andre said...

I LOVE the beanie!!! My little bunnie-Mom-heart wants to have one :-) I need to show it to Kr├╝mel and Liesbeth!!!