Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sick, sicky and sicker

September 24th: 1 sick baby. 2 tired parents. 3 days of misery=One big miracle
Here's the Story.

if you know our little girl you know she is very happy, content, and quite pleasant all the time(with exceptions of hunger and sleepy complaints-that's normal)and so when she woke up Tues morn the 22nd screaming we knew something was wrong. She wouldn't eat and was writhing in pain so naturally...we had no clue what was wrong-we are new at this. She vomited all that day and cried none stop. we got to the point of just keeping her in a towel and her diaper. We were beside ourselves. so by the next day we took her right into the doctor first thing. They said it was a bladder infection so we went home with a antibiotic and a little sick girl. she was suppose to start showing improvements within 12 hours so that's what we watched for. 12 hours came and went-no improvements. another sleepless night. We kept feeding her, with fear of dehydration she kept vomiting. Thursday at 4 we called the doc at the end of our ropes. they did blood tests for dehydration and sent us home. now, if your a mother or father, you know the feelings that come when your child is in pain. and I kept telling Kurtis"She is acting like her stomach is hurting". so when we got home from the blood tests it surprised me when she wanted to eat and seemed to be on the up. Now, one more detail, sorry about this one...She hadn't had a "bowel movement" in two days so needless to say that when she was done eating I went to change her diaper with delight.
much to my alarm her diaper was full of blood!!
We rushed her to the ER with the sickest most helpless feelings ever!

They did tests and told it was an intussuseption, and the bladder infection was probably a result of that. They sent us in an ambulance to Primary Children's Hospital in SLC and they told us the same thing. Intususeption is when the small bowel or intestine colapses or kaleidescopes in on itself or into the Large intestine.

Scary stuff.

they told us that cases as severe as hers usually had to be corrected with surgery but they were going to try an Air Enema and see what they could do by blowing air into the bowel. They did it, the doctor was awesome, and it worked! miracle of miracles. The color immediately came back to her face and lips. She began to respond to us again(she hadn't smiled in three day:( and she immediately relaxed and fell asleep and slept the best she had in three day. Yea for doctors and good medicine! She has been back to the same happy baby ever since our stay at the hospital and we are so grateful for all the prayers and thoughts on her behalf. Moral of this story is.. well, always follow how you feel and if you can't think listen to what your child is telling you and try your hardest to figure it out. And..Heavenly things have happened
and continue to happen as long so we should take the time to learn and grow from them.


The Felix Family said...

Oh my gosh Mel, I totally know what it feels like to be helpless in a situation like that.I am so glad everything worked out for you guys. How scary!! Prayers are answered and Heavenly Father is watching out for us!!

Alicia F. said...

How scary! I'm so glad everything worked out for you and your cute little baby!