Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa Boyd Hatch

I have very few distinct memories of my Mother's father, Boyd, but the ones I do have I cherish. He was a carpenter and a do-it-yourself-er. He was a jolly man and always had a tune to be wistled on his lips. He made me laugh and he reminded me of Santa Clause. I say these things because on Labor Day weekend we(my mother's whole fam)met in Vernal where they grew up and where all the family houses still stand. Their history is amazing and inspiring yet very simple and humble. I am proud to be his descendent and granddaughter. Our whole family reunion was a celebration of his life and legacy. from the activities to the songs right down to the food and cake we ate.Happy Birthday Grandpa Boyd!!! And thankyou Mama J and everyone for all the hard work and preparation! It will remain a cherished memory of mine!

Yes it really is a REAL CAKE! i couldn't believe it either-but then I ate it and it was good! Amazing!
This is Mel with Grandpa Boyd's Sister Donna (by Mel) and his neices.
These two beautiful ladies are the daughters of my Great Aunt Tess. The great women that i was named after as well as my daughter Tess Joy.
Above is the pic of Grandpa and Grandma Hatch on their wedding day.
Here are some cattle camp things that belonged to my grandfather.

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