Tuesday, April 24, 2012

sweet angel girls

 Here is Hallie's 1st photo shoot. Tess was ecstatic to be taking pictures with her little sis. what a joy they are in our lives and we are so happy to have them in our family!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Just Loving it!

Highlights from the last 6 weeks:
Happy mamma, happy baby, happy day!
Tess meets Hallie for the first time. Not such a fan at first, but now they are best pals!!
Home and getting use to everything new. Her sister loves her!!
Blessing day:
Feb. 4, 2012
slept right through it all!
6 weeks:
sleeping through the night.
almost 12 lbs,
good eater.
smiling and cooing alot.

baby Hallie Ruth Taylor

Introducing Hallie Ruth Taylor
Born: Jan 12, 2012
9lbs 3oz.
21 inch.
Red hair
strong head and neck

Hey fam and friends, sorry for the delay in pics! Just getting use to our new normal. We love our new little Taylor Tot!! She is such a great baby!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Baby Taylor makes it's debut!!

unfortunately I lack the skills necessary to download a picture from the DVD the Dr gave us today, but we did want to let everyone know that Tess is going to have a littles SISTER in December...or January. It's hard to say..seeing as the due date is New Years Eve! We are so happy and feel so blessed to take part in bringing this little heaven sent child to the earth.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Tangled with Tiny Tess

I made my weekly costco run and when i emptied the groceries out of it, Tess put her babies in it and has been in it ever since. It's not worth spending money anymore on things for our kids, ladies, lets just keep our houses stocked with cardboard boxes!!! So creative.
this last Saturday we went to "Tangled", the new Disney flick, with Little Tess. It was her first movie-ever-in the movie theatre. She did great until the last 10 min. and then she was ready to go!

Happy day of birth Husband Taylor

My hat is off to my love this year. He deserves all the good that he sows. He is an awesome father, husband, and friend. This is how Kurtis keeps his follicly challenged head warm and is still able to hear what is going on. I could not stop laughing!
Yes, Smurfs do still exist...
Kt's office. Dual screens?...yes please. He is one the most talented people I know!
FEB. 9, 1984

More of the littlest Taylor

What a little poser! I was doing dishes and couldn't find her, then I looked around those chairs and there she was...giggling and posing. What a hoot!
The twins and Tess. Watching a movie.
Mirai (our little neighbor friend) and Tess hanging out. They have the same birthday, just a year apart.

Kurtis is an artist. Melanie is an artist. What do you get when the two have a kid: An Artist. Seriously. she is ALWAYS drawing.

The Big 18 months

lbs- 23.5
hieght- 35"
teath- 10 pearly whites
new tricks: everything! She is no longer a baby! She says everything we do. We better watch ourselves:)
Likes: any kind of animal. Asparagus. Movies. Momma, Daddy and all her babies. milk, milk, and did I mention milk?
Dislikes: Nursery. And seeing people unhappy-it scares her.
Christmas eve, opening her presents. That is her new Kitty, or "neow" as she calls it.
Helping me with laundry. No, seriously, she loves to help me with it. It's fantastic!
i think she thinks that her eyes are open, but when she smiled big, she closes them! So cute!
WE love our little JOY!

Merry belated Christmas

this was taken with the great intention of being our Christmas card, but alas, twas not so. Our Christmas was wonderful and the year 2010 was quite the year. Many blessings, and a few challenges, but all in all, no complaints! Kurtis got a job in October at Fast Fill systems in Springville and we are super grateful for that. We spent a wonderful Thanksgiving week in Denver. We were the ball babies at the family feast. Overcome with gratitude and the love of family! Our Holiday season was blessed with family as well. Wonderful food, friends and festivities. The word of 2010 is JOY.
Joy in family.
Joy through trials.
Joy in our Savior.
Looking forward to much more of that in the year 2011!

Winter fun

snow day, snow day, magic and fun snow day!

i think this picture speaks for itself...needless to say, Tess didn't touch the tree after this incident!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Trick or Treatness

Halloween Party
At Ty and Amanda's House
Oct. 30, 2010
These are three of the four youngest in the Jenkins fam. Eli(left) a little bat, Tess (middle) miss Lady bug and Jaida(right) a cute little bumble bee. All soooo cute. fun times!
Yessss. We are Papa Smurf and Smurfette. "No face paint" says Mr Taylor, so we tried our best with the costume. Mostly we just wanted to wear the hats...
I took this pic mostly because I couldn't resist how cute this little lady bug bottom was.
What? I am a hair stylist what did you all expect?

Friday, August 20, 2010

New Family pics

catching up with The Taylor Fam

Kurtis and I were working on his new website and we heard a silence and then a loud ruffling and this is what we found! Eating veggie chips...and then five min later we found this.....
We could'nt help but laugh! She has wild bed head and is sitting in a path of destruction.

for my birthday my parents were nice enough to stop by on their way to Salt Lake to watch Tess while we went to the Temple and got ice cream. It was SO AWESOME! Thanks Ma and Pa!
We also celebrated our 3rd year marriage anniversary this same week and We went on a great date. "Lucky to be in love with my best friend...". Love you Hubbard!!!1
Tess is pretty mush nuts about dogs and has recently discovered the movie BOLT by Disney. It has a cute dog in it and she wants to watch it about 7 times a day. So her Daddy watched it with her this day and shortly after we started it she was so tired(as you can see in this pic) that I put her down for a nap. They are buddies, her and Dad!
Pioneer Day Celebration in Monroe Ut. So fun!
Tess is already a little caregiver and nurturer! We never taught her, but she just has alsways loved dolls and babies. And a couple of months ago she picked up a doll and started hugging and loving it. She wraps it up and rocks it. So cute to watch! She will be a great mama!
"My future's so bright..I gotta wear shades" That is an eighties jam that I thought was perfect for this shot. She loves to wear her sunglasses and tries to get anyone she can to wear them too.
Independence Day Parade in Provo. We sat by The Major family. Relatives on KT's side. It was so much fun to be with them and see Tess's reaction to the parade. family fun in the sun!
Just cute. and we are not the only and first parents to be obsessed with every move thier child makes. We are so in love with this sweet girl! Plus, I was impressed with this outfit because I got home from Sunday morning meetings and Kurtis had gotten her ready! he is good.
Love this pic. Tess Loves her Grandmas and Grandpas! What a lucky girl!

Tess Joy Taylor
June 12, 2009

She is such a Joy in our lives! She is smart and very funny. She loves babies, doggies and loves to walk. She loves to read any book about animals and babies. She sleeps very well and makes us laugh every day.
opening presents with cousins and friends. Thanks everybody!!

This is in Colorado at the Taylor Family Reunion. I don't know what happened to my other pics but I thought this was the best. She just sat on the horse but that was just as fun for her.
Last but not least, Mother's Day! I made this dress for Tess. We are so blessed!