Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Independence Day weekend

We had a great opportunity July 3-5 to have family in town. First we all met up in Logan, had some Aggie ice cream, and then road some horses at Uncle Dale and Aunt Donna's house. We met up with Tharon and spent some special time with him. He got to meet Tess for the first time and we got this cool pic of them on the swing.

What a cool day-it was actually pretty hot, but we had fun. All that were there: Kenneth, George, Kelly, Tharon, Kristine, Kent, Holly, Jordan, and Jack. It's always a blast to spend time with our fam and we appreciate the sacrifice made so we could all be together. Katherine, Jonathan and their kids came on Sunday and we had a great dinner together. What a great weekend! We are grateful for this awesome land of freedom that we live in and the sacrifices mad for us to live in happiness with family and friends.

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