Monday, July 6, 2009

The greatest Joy

So, as you all know by now, we have a new addition in the our little fam. TESS JOY TAYLORAnd the last pics seen of her were the day after she was born-in her cute, swollen Newborn glory.  So here are some new updated moments in her new life. 

There is nothing in all my life that will be able to measure up to the happiness and pure Joy I feel to be able to be a mother. However, as a new mom I am still figuring out how to keep up on the hairstylist inside of me and get my rest (hence the beauty in orange above) so just focus on the little peanut of a girl in my arms and we will all leave happy:)
Tess totally loves just hanging out with her Daddy. I knew Kurtis would be a great father, but he still surprises me everyday with how great he truly is with her and handling everything else on top of that!  
The first bath (or just after it, that is) she fussed and squirmed and then we put her in this little flower towel from Grandma Kathie and she calmed right down. Isn't she the cutest flower you ever did see! And yes, she is always that alert. She was born big eyed and beautiful.
What did you expect?!!  She IS the DAUGHTER of a cosmetologist! Those are her Daddy's monkey toes:) She grips your finger with them.
If I could describe what I have experienced in the past three weeks I would have to use ALL five senses.
Beauty not of this earth. 
Little gassy smiles. 
My husband in my child's face.
Knobby, skinny knees. 

I hear: 
Early morning hunger grunts.
lot's of "she is soo tiny!"
occasional dissatisfied crying

I taste:
cold cereal.
exhaust!...ok i know you can't taste that but under what sense do you put such an      overwhelming thing!

I Smell:
well...she's a baby and I change lot's of diapers...sooo
Milk on her breath when i kiss her cheek.
baby smell. It is a real scent and you all know what i mean!
new paint smell in her nursery.

I Feel: 
smooth baby skin.
soft baby hair.
ok...exhausted would go here.


Lindsay said...

She is such a little peanut. What a sweetheart. :) Congratulations!

the coltons said...

congrats again! she is so gorgeous! making me want another one :)

so happy for you!!!

Lindsey said...

i love your descriptions of every sense! cute pictures and such a cute family! i'm glad i can still keep up with you a guys a bit since you moved!

Smith Family said...

She's a cutie!! Congratulations! We miss you guys11

Hailey said...

oh mel, she is so cute, we are so happy for you!!! You guys look totally comfortable being parents! Yay

erinmu said...

I'm more and more convinced about this betrothal thing... she is so darling! I'm just so thrilled for you! you all look so natural together. as if it was meant to be. and of course it was. don't you just love the smell and sounds of baby. especially your own. can you believe you grew her?! pretty wondrous! by the way, I've always thought that the word Joy deserved a capital. great word, great name! (oh so many exclamation points)

Jason, Ginny and Oliver said...

She is adorable Melanie!! Congratulations! It is amazing how much we can love our little ones. And the love just keeps growing and growing. I'm so excited for you.

Kristen Weller said...

what a sweetheart!

Emily & Cody said...

She is so cute! I remember those first few weeks...don't worry the exhaustion does pass!

Jaida said...

Melanie, it's Kellyanne, Jaida and Mandy. We just looked at the pictures of Tess! She's soooo cute!!! Oh my goodness!! You both look so great! Can't wait to see her in person, we all miss you soo much!!!

Love us!

LindseyFae* said...

Mel, she is such a gorgeous baby! I'm serious.. they're usually not that cute at first! I'm so happy for you guys.

brooke allred said...

Mel!! She is beautiful!! Congrats!! I hope I get to meet her soon!! :) Love you lot and I miss you too!!

Erin H. said...

What a sweet post! Congratulations, much continued happiness, and as much sleep as is humanly possible with a newborn.

Carly said...

She is so cute! I had so much fun getting to know her! you guys are such wonderful parents!

The Sartori's said...

She is cute. Congrats MelJEnkins