Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Germans are coming...they came!

Short history: the second half of my Senior year in high school we had this lovely girl named Irka Schwert come live with us. She was a foreign exchange student from Germany-the land of many Germans:)- She was so much fun and we hit it off immediately so needless to say we have been sisters ever since. Well, this July they (they being her and her awesome, very funny husband Andre)came to visit for the whole month and we have had a ball! So thanks guys for coming and spending some time with us silly americans:) Tess loved hanging out with you two!

Du bist einshammer schpitzer! WE LOVE YOU GUYS! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!

Every time they come they bring German chocolate and this time they also brought some cute gifts for our little Tess which my husband is so fashionably showing off here. the thing on his noggin is actually a little bandana and it looks cuter on her than on her dad...shocking I know!

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Kristen Weller said...

It was so great to see them! I'm glad they hunted me down the night before the BBQ so I could have Hawaiian Haystacks with them and your parents.