Wednesday, March 26, 2008

bringin home mo bacon!

Bacon...means money, sometimes.  and so it is in this case-today one of my dreams came to fruition!  The opportunity  to teach at Renaissance Hair Academy has come my way!  I finally get to teach what I love.  I will still be working at Modifi, but will be teaching on Monday, half of Tuesday, and Thursday night.  Perfect part time job.  But it really is the teaching that I am most excited about.  The school is awesome, and pretty new so there is more room for growth and more one on one for the students.  Yeah for School, I say!


Carly & Jesse said...


Clayton and Hailey said...

Wow, looks like fun. And it's beautiful too. Don't let that horse kick you. Oh and congrats on your teaching, that sounds awesome. You will be so good!!!

the little darlings said...

Hey mel, congrats! I can't believe my little mel has grown up so much! I'm excited for you! you'll make a wonderful teacher. Teach em like you would at the MC hammer school. Sorry, but i had to, Love you mel

Kody & Rachelle Carling said...

Mel Tess... it's Roch! I found your blog through Hailey's. I am so excited to catch up with you. What a fun oppertunity to teach cosmetology. You'll be a superstar, no doubt about it! You and your hubby sure look happy. Love it!
Chat at ya later,