Thursday, March 20, 2008

So, after much coaxing, here is our long awaited blog page!!!  And hopefully this can be an excellent source for catching up on our life together and perhaps no matter where this life takes us we can keep in touch by..well, blogging!! 
 On the 4th of this month Kurtis and I celebrated our 7 month anniversary...ok it really went like this 
Mel-"hey is it the fourth today?"
Mel-" so we've been married for 7 months!"
Mel-"Sweet! Happy seven months "
We definately fit the perfect woman and man profiles sometimes, but we sure have a fun time together.  Life has proved to be very exciting and full of suprises!  The last seven months has been awesome, and very busy.  Kurtis is in full time school, and full time work for TTA...and...full time husband !  He keeps himself busy even on weekends with work sometimes, and he plays with and air soft club in Orem.  He loves his boy time and I am glad he has a release from all the serious adult stuff.
I work full time at Modifi Salon and Spa, in Orem.  I love it so much!  I have a girls night every Wednesday, and a craft day once a month with my friend Carly-which has definately helped in decorating our home
We look forward for what is up ahead and hope to maintain a happy, healthy life.


Carly & Jesse said...

Love the template! I'm glad you figured it out!! I am so happy you are blogging!!l

Clayton and Hailey said...

Yay, I'm excited to keep checking the updates, I love your quote at the top, you are always so profound. and when I was looking for a template, I saw this one and actually thought of you. I almost picked it. Funny. It was awesome to talk to you this morning. Keep in touch.