Monday, March 24, 2008

This last week was not a bland one-to say the least.  On Thursday 
i discovered a big inflamed lump on my head and ...well, i freaked out!!  
Next day, i went to the doc expecting to hear the worst and He said I just have an infection and gave me some antibiotics.   good news eh?  heck yah!  Good news of the week:
Kurtis came even closer to graduation.
I cleaned the whole house.
I went to Ephraim with Carly and Lindsay, because My mother had Sister Bonnie D Parkin come and talk at the stake Releif Society enrichment night.  It was amazing!!!
Kurtis got Friday off-that's pretty big!
Holly and Kent and their two cute kids, Jack and Jordon flew in on Friday and stayed until Sunday morning.  It was a blast!  Kurtis and I got to sharpen our parenting skills by watching the two kids on Saturday night. Aslo a blast-they are so cute!!
Sunday, we went down to Ephraim for EAster Sunday celebrations.  What a great weekend!! 

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