Friday, August 7, 2009

2 years and all is well-August 4, 2009

On tues Kurtis and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary. Jordan and Mandy were kind enough to take Tess and we went out to dinner. I really wanted to try Texas roadhouse seeing as they just opened a new location in American Fork, but apparently it was everyone else's 2 year anniversary on Tues and they wanted to try it for the first time too!...not really, but it was a 60 min wait so we decided to go to The Pizza Factory and that was fabuloso! It was great to be there and talk, and just be together. We consider ourselves super blessed to have found each other and to be building an eternity together. trials are not easy and there are always learning experiences, but Life is the best with Kurtis by my side through it all:) Not to mention pretty fun too! being on a date-just us-was awesome, but we sure were excited to pick our little girl up and drive home as one, happy family. Life is beautiful. Thanks for two fabulous years, Husband, I love you!

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carly said...

Congrats! Can you believe it really has been two years! I am sad you didn't get into Texas Roadhouse. You must try it sometime. They have the BEST cinnamon butter!