Sunday, June 22, 2008

Good times, Great friends and hairy Uvulas

Friday night Kurtis, me, kirk and Melissa Maudley went out to eat at Macaroni Grill-their bread rocks by the way-and afterwards we came back to our house and played some games.  It was a riot! So the first picture here is us playin games, next picture....well, it requires a bit of an explanation.  So, bought a salon sink/chair combination stand for the obvious reason-
i will one day have a salon in my home and ya know, wash hair there. Until that blessed day, we are storing it right in our dining room(as shown in the first pic behind me). Any hoo, Kurtis accidentally knocked the hose off in the back and discovered what he most affectionately called "The Hairy  Uvaula".  SOOOO GROSS! In reality, it was a whole bunch of hair clogging the tube in the back and we were totally grossed out, but glad Kurtis found it and did away with it.  By the way, if you don't know what a Uvula is-it's the hangy ball at the back of your throat...ENJOY!


Aubrie said...

Oh that is soo nasty..hahaha

Kathie Gwilliam said...

Mels! You have a blog and I am so excited! It is nice to know what has been going on in your life. By the way, this is your favorite Kendall cousin, Kathie. We need to talk sometime!

Mary said...

Hi Melanie. I found your blog through your brother's. I hope that it's ok to add a link to mine!
It was fun seeing you at the Kampout for the second that I did.
- Your cousing Mary

Carlie Michelle said...

Mel! It's Carlie- lets be blog cousins!

Alicia Farmer said...

Hey...guess what! We finally have a blog... I know, it's real creative (and still under major construction).