Monday, June 16, 2008

mile high wedding

This is "The Crew" as they were referred to in high school.  Johnny, the groom, is on the very left.  Kurtis loves to be with his friends, and even had to brave the presence of the celebratory cigar smoke. Notice who's hands are free! We love them anyway!

Two weeks ago we enjoyed a grand wedding fiasco of Kurtis' really good friends John and Katherine Goldburg in Greeley, Colorado.  The ceremony was short-the party was long and....well let's just say we were the only ones not under the influence.  It was fun to see a lot of good friends though, and hand out with some family as well. Uncle Kurtis became the bucking bronco for Kelly and George-at the same time.

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Clayton and Hailey said...

Good Luck!!! with the job hunting. We hope he at least has an interview for sure out here so you can come visit us!! eh? We miss you!