Saturday, July 12, 2008

Looks can be deceiving!

These are Aebelskevers, a traditional European treat, that are also a true Taylor family favorite.  When we got married we purchased THE special pan to make this tasty item.  Months had gone by and we finally decided to attempt what seemed a simple task.  so we got a recipe and failed miserably-it called for way too much yeast! So Kurtis decided to find a new recipe online and found only one-he perfected the cooking method, and we sat down hungry and ready to eat them hot and at first they tasted real good, but then it happened....the Baking Soda reared its ugly head and slapped us in the mouth.  Again another failure in creating this european treat.  So we broke down and called Kurtis' sister Kathryn for Grandma Ryser's recipe. We are eager to try again!!

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Irka and Andre said...

Sorry Kurtis, but we'll hook Melanie up with the real thing when she is here! :-) May be she can bring you some!