Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Goings on

Mel and bros and sis at Aunt Mary Ellen's Funeral
AFTER!!! Alot of people thought i would never do it...but I sure did and I love my short new haircut!
Nativity at Grandma and Grandpa Jenkins' house. Tess was "Baby Jesus". Layla fell asleep and was the quietest lamby ever! so cute

I caught this at the perfect moment. Tess was laughing with Grandpa J
Our christmas Nativity in Denver at Grandma and Grandpa Taylor's house. Tess is asleep on the very left, but all the rest of the kids did a great job! Especially Ken as King Harod:)
Tess is opening her first Christmas gifts. The walker in the back right was from Mom and Dad. and this big one is a booster seat from Aunti Lins:)
Tess Loves, Loves, LOVES her Daddy!
Tess was helping me decorate for Christmas
The time for solids came at the End of November...She made this face the whole time but she never spit it up and she has loved it ever since.
Aunt Christy, Syd and Al put piggy tails in Tess's few hairs for the first time. She was the cutest little alien-looking baby!
TURKEY BOWL!!!! all the "Old" men worked their hardest and I think they all did great and had a good time. Another chance to live up the glory days. I love those boys!!
Tess wanted to help fold laundry.
Ahhhhh! Our little Elf, Tess


Smith Family said...

loved all the cute pics!! Tess is such a sweet baby girl!!

Lindsey said...

You're right - Never thought you'd cut your hair but I LOVE it! :) You sexy mamma you!