Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the San francisco treat

our nephew jack drew a picture of Kurtis and I in the sand and I thought it was so cute. Please tell me those are our wings:)       
This is Kurtis, Kent his brother and Jordan and Jack. We were crabbin'! good times
thanksgiving dinner at Kristine's house..mmmmm if only I could eat that right now. Thanks everyone for your hospitality.
This is an art museum at Stanford. And apparently we chose to take a picture in front of 'the gates of Hell"....what they were coool and we didn't notice til after....notice we are not grimacing like the folks behind us:)         

For Thanksgiving we had the awesome blessing of being able to go to Palo Alto and visit our family there and we saw Jesse and carly as well. We spent our first day in San Francisco (writing Francisco reminds me of the movie Elf .When he says "Francisco" over and over again-so funny) We went to Alcatraz and hung out on the pier. Lumbard street and Ghiradelli square and then we got to just hang out with our good friends the Smiths. it was sweet. no pics of that but the ones above are of our time in Palo Alto. 

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Emily & Cody said...

I was hoping you were posting to say you had your baby! Anytime now, right?