Sunday, August 24, 2008

there's a first time for everything!

This was us one year ago. Time flies when your having fun! It has been one crazy year of school, work, surgery, fun, family and trips. Love ROCKS!

HAAAAAAPPPPPPPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!! So it has officially been one year since we stepped over the thresh hold of Childhood into the unknown world of married people. And what an awesome year it has been. We have had a blast getting to know each  other mo betta everyday and there has been much growth. It's fun to have a best friend with whom you can spend everyday with and share everything with. Kurtis came home from work and set up this little picnic on the living room floor-Pizza and Root beer and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. 

The day was WONDERFUL and it has been an awesome year of firsts. I love my husband so much and cannot imagine my life without him. We feel so blessed to have found each other and even more to have the same goals and moral beliefs.  He truly is my bestest friend and we look forward to many more of these anniversary thing days.


Kathie Gwilliam said...

Happy Anniversary! Marriage is the best!

The Basics are as follows: said...

Awwe...Bless...Happy Anniversary!!!

Erin said...

Congratulations on a happy year!

Carly said...

Yeah for being married on year!! That looks like it would be a perfect picnic (insert Jesse). We miss you guys!! Hope all is swell!

Irka and Andre said...

Yeah for beeing married! We've managed a week now

Valeri Crockett said...

Hello Mel! About a year ago I swear I saw you returning wedding gifts at the Wal-mart in Orem. I was so DANG CHICKEN to find out if it was really you. . . so to this day I still believe it was you and I wish I would have stopped, congratulated you and given you a *HuG*. So, I'm making up for it today and wishing you a Happy 1st with your hubby! We have a blog as well it's just closed. Email if you want the link
Hair school felt so long ago. . .where has time gone! Love ya always! Take Care Chicka Dee
Val (Wilding) Crockett