Friday, August 1, 2008

read the fine print

This is a picture from our Ward Pie-o-neer Day activity. We ate a nice meal and the pie eating contest came last. I was totally content being a spectator only, but half of the people who signed up to do it didn't my husband being the good guy that he is volunteered himself not realizing that it was a couple contest. So I was in for it as well. "I'm not afraid!" I said and we were off to conquer the chocolate pudding beast of a pie 

So we are a little sideways sometimes.....

bottoms up! after about 5 bites we were so over the chocolate pudding and we couldn't stop laughing at each other. This was a fun activity, but needless to say it was my first and definately last pie eating contest. Chocolate pudding up the nose takes day to recover from.

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