Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This picture says a lot...mostly how cool Kurtis really is... and how beautiful this spring has been, despite  all the nasty, cold weather.
The wolverine is trying to get his head...soon that sign will say Utah Valley University!  Fun fact:  Kurtis' graduating class was the last to graduate from UVSC and the first with UVU on their diplomas-neat huh!! 
Mom and Dad Jenkins came to the fesivities as well as Kurtis' oldest sister Kathryn and husband Jon and their fam of four. 
We are just now figuring out how to do this whole blogging, picture, posting business...so bare with us.  These are more pics of Kurtis' graduation day.  It was so wonderful to see him graduate and to be with family to celebrate this huge accomplishment.  

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Clayton and Hailey said...

Congratulations Curtis!!!! We can't wait for you guys to come out!! How was your trip by the way? Give me a call some time.