Wednesday, April 23, 2008

things we love

Kurtis: fooood. my wife. good times. sunshine. art. animation. computer animation, that is. movies. war parafinalia. air soft. church. firm couches. bean and cheese burritos. my bummin' shorts. steak and potatoes. traffic-not! sleep. much sleep. family. sports. shorts. music. 
Melanie: doing hair. people. my husband..... and his kisses. how it smells after it rains.  brazil. the gospel. family. my nieces and nephews. music. dancing. connecting with people. laughing. red vines. singing. portugese. oranges. sunday naps. my guitar, ruby. interior design. shoes.  

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Aubrie said...

Mels and Kurtis,
Hello from the deep south of Utah..I got your blog info from mandy and added you guys to my blog so i can keep up with you two or is it three yet? hahaha just teasing...our blog address is so come check us out...we cant wait to see you again..hopefully sooner than later!