Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hoppy Easter!

Here is Tess with all her spoils. She was as happy as can be cause she got lots of books, music and "dollys". She loves dolls and says "do do" anytime she sees one. then she kisses them and loves them.
Easter Morning. Mom and Dad Taylor came to visit for the weekend, and the Easter Bunny found them at our house! Amazing.
We love food!!!
so cute. Wild Hair Wilma (that's what we call her when her hair is wacky:) playing with her eggs. Great source of entertainment while mom's are cleaning.

The big hit this Easter season has been the plastic, shiny objects. Easter Eggs. She loves them!

Hippity Hoppity Easter's come and gone.


The Felix Family said...

Aren't holiday a million times better with kids! Thay make them awesome. Her dress is adorable!!

Irka and Andre said...

Hahaha, that first picture is awesome, it's crackin'me up! You can look like that, too...but you do it for fun...she looks like she's got something going :-)

Aubrie said...

she is looking more and more like her mama!

Clayton and Hailey said...

My goodness she has gotten big! What a cute little thing. Miss you!