Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A tribute to my wife

So I decide to let you all know I have the best wife ever. She is hard working and has the true spirit of service and sacrifce. She handles being being pregnant like a champ and keeps up an amazing attitude. As much as she loves to have me around she lets me have my boy time which I am most grateful. She in those moments gives me the opportunity to reset myself and return with new life and excitment for the future and our growing family. So all I have to say is to you my beautiful wife is I love you and this is for you. I will aways be your solider, and protector of you and all that you love.


Irka and Andre said...

Oh what a great man you are! I'm so glad you take good care of my sister!!!

Jeff and Jenn said...

Ok, I found your blog through..... someone's who I can't remember, and I usually don't comment when I don't know people, but that is the dang sweetest thing ever and also I LOVE the picture on your sidebar!! It's beautiful.

Julie said...

Kurtis, You are pretty much the coolest guy ever. I'm so glad you ended up with my beautiful friend. :)

LindseyFae* said...

Awww.. i love mel too!

Brooke and Ben said...


What a great husband you have. That was such a cute post. Thanks a million for the haircut. Everytime you get a haircut you love, your life starts new. :)
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