Wednesday, February 4, 2009

we're still alive!!!!

It's true. Life can be a little busy with work and preparing for our firs little one, but the major dilemma here is we still don't have the internet! I never realized how much I used it until I didn't have it-moral of the story: learn to appreciate things you have while you have them. 

Life is great in the small town of Provo and we really feel extremely blessed everyday. It's as if all the blessing in heaven were taking up too much room and they had to get rid of some so they sent-no rained them down on us. Don't get me wrong here, life is never easy, but through everything that life throws at us there are 100 blessings and lessons to learn. Good will prevail and(in my opinion) ALWAYS will. 

I just wanted to let you know a little that is going down in P town and in our little fam.
-In August, i had the awesome opportunity to go to Germany for Irka's wedding and meet her -- family and see Europe and was like I said...AWESOME! and a huge privaledge.
-Visiting Carly and Jesse in San Jose, CA-it was a blast. They were great hosters, and it was great to be among friends in far away places:)
-Thankgiving was spent in Palo Alto, CA with Kristine, Kurtis' sweet sister, and his brothers family Kent and Holly, Jack and Jordan. We played games, ate food, decorated for Christmas, ate food, went to the beach, ate more food, and well, you get the picture. Then we saw Karla's family-they flew in from Hawaii. Good times all around! Holidays with family are always the best! 
-Christmas was also super fun and awesome. We spent four days at my parents home in Ephraim and got together with 5 of my siblings families. there also was alot of  eating and fun going on there. I love the Christmas season and the opportunity to re-focus our thoughts on The Savior and his eternal love for all mankind. It was wonderful!
-New Years was spent at my bro Tyler's house and it was a blast! they got the wii for their family for Christmas and i was think I'm hooked now. I especially enjoy the cow definately should try it out if you haven't already. 
-January is the first month of the year and the first month I have felt GREAT in a while. no morning sickness her-nope! i really love being pregnant and ALL that it brings.
-We recieved a special phone call from Mom and Dad Taylor in Africa. They are having a wonderful time and doing a great job. We sure miss them a lot and can't wait for them to meet our cute little girl when they get back!

I know I have left out a ton of things, but I can't only be in the library a short while so I hope you enjoy this lengthy explanation of our recent goings on.

Long live good life, happy times, and eternal love.

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